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The Unifemga Scholarship

The Obafemi Awolowo University Graduates’ Association, (UNIFEMGA) Scholarship Fund is one of UNIFEMGA empowerment programmes for Muslim Students at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

The goal of this scholarship programme is:

To assist indigent Muslim Students.

To improve academic performance.

To promote Scholarship.

To enhance female enrolment/ retention in academics.

Before You Apply

There are a few criteria that are considered in selecting successful applicants who will be shortlisted as beneficiaries. Candidates should familiarize themselves with all the requirements and various processes to greatly increase their chances. 

Scholarship Application

We award Scholarships to Muslim students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

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Are you a beneficiary of the UNIFEMGA Scholarship Scheme? We’d love to hear from you. 

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Our Success Stories

UNIFEMGA SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME is a program that is organized by the graduated Muslim students of OAU for the benefits of OAU Muslim students that have good academic records and indigent students with great potentials. The benefits of this scheme to the awardees are innumerable and it has also played a major role in the sustenance and smooth running of the academic activities of her beneficiaries.

Consequently, the program should be encouraged as I am incumbent beneficiary also look forward to being an active donor towards the scheme in the future to come in shaa Allaah.

Jazakumullah khayran to all members and I pray we all unite on the day of judgement as an habitant of AL-JANNATUL FIRDAUS




Agboola Basirat Ololade
"Unifemga scholarship award is a source of great benefits and financial relief to the Muslim awardees on campus. As a onetime beneficiary, most of my part three textbooks were purchased with fund from this award. Also, a psychological stability I experienced during this time had a tremendous positive impact on my academic performance. To me, the awards also speaks good about Islam and the generosity of the Muslims among themselves. This act should continue for more Muslims to benefit. It is interesting to know that the board keeps increasing capacity every year. May Allah reward Unifemga and the people in it, purify their deeds and accept them as acts of worship. More importantly, the prophet said that whosoever relieves a person of his problems in this world, Allah relieves him of his problems on the day of judgement."
Chemical Engineering
“It is indeed an an award that offers indigent students to further in their academic pursuits. It is a link connecting the undergraduate to the graduate  offering the undergraduate an avenue to be UNIFEMGA scholarship scheme/award has been a source of hope for many hopeless Muslim students on campus by rendering assistance to the needy as well as a means of motivation for students to attain higher grades and be the best in their chosen course of study. It is therefore my prayer that Almighty Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercies continues strengthening the donors so as to continue the good deed.”
Ajayi Ridwan Akinyele.
Part 4 economics
“Many Muslim students have benefited from UNIFEMGA scholarship award and I pray that Allah puts Baraka in the wealth of everybody that has contributed his/her quota to this scholarship.”
Adeleke Nureni Akintunde.